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Dragonslayer Playset
« il: 2011-06-08 12:48:24 »
Ed ecco il Playset DragonSlayer, io ho tradotto la prima parte, se ognuno ne fa un pezzo possiamo anche aiutare i Jani ;D
Ricordo che i Diritti sono:

Written by Logan Bonner
Edited by Steve Segedy
Dragon Slayers was Playset of the Month, December 2010.
This playset is an accessory for the Fiasco role-playing game by Bully
Pulpit Games.
This playset is copyright 2010 by Logan Bonner. Fiasco is copyright
2009 by Jason Morningstar. All rights are reserved.
For more information about Fiasco or to download other playsets and
materials, visit
If you’d like to create your own playset or other Fiasco-related content,
we’d like to help. Write us at


1 Famiglia e Romantica

1 Fratelli
2 Genitori/Figlio cresciuto da qualcun'altro
3 Amante non richiesto
4 Coniugi in un matrimonio combinato
5 Fratello di sangue
6 Orfano/Chi se ne prende cura

2 Avventura

1 Assassino/bersaglio
2 Salvatore/salvato
3 Capo/Tirapiedi
4 Compagni di cella
5 Padrone/nemico sconfitto diventato servitore
6 Cacciatore di Taglie/taglia sulla testa

3 Magia

1 Creatore/golem
2 Padrone/Schiavo
3 Stregone/apprendista
4 Diabolista/vittima designata per il sacrificio
5 Simulacro/persona reale
6 Licantropo in forma umana/licantropo trasformato

4 Cultura

1 Una razza non umana (elfi, nani, etc.)
2 Della stessa tribù
3 Adoratori dello stesso dio
4 Legati da un rituale di sangue
5 Vagabondi
6 Membri della stessa gilda

5 Compagnia

1 Compagni d'avventura da lungo tempo
2 Amici di bevute
3 alleati riluttanti
4 Novellino/avventuriero veterano
5 Leader/aspirante leader
6 Farabutto vizioso/curatore pacifista

6 Guerra

1 Stesso battaglione
2 Mercenari
3 Combattono in due armate nemiche
4 Ognuno ha inflitto una cicatrice all'altro
5 Combattente/codardo
6 "Tu hai ucciso mio padre!"


1 To be a Hero

1 defending the little guy
2 that one special person
3 a mentor’s eyes
4 you can lord over everybody else
5 ...who nobody will fuck with
6 the public’s eyes, even if you really aren’t

2 To Crush your Enemies

1 ...because they ruined your life
2 ...and enslave them
3 ...and they’re all enemies
4 ...and use them for necromantic experiments
5 ...slowly and painfully
6 ...just to get a moment’s peace

3 To Amass a Hoard

1 killing every monster you see
2 ...through shady dealings
3 ...even if it means nobody else gets a share
4 ...of forbidden lore
5 fund a private army
6 you never have to adventure again

4 To Fly

1 ...with everybody else’s treasure
2 ...after one last quest
3 ...before they realize who you really work for
4 ...once you’ve used up this town
5 follow rumors to your next adventure
6 ...literally, using a spell or maybe a catapult

5 To Rule

1 marrying a royal heir
2 ...on a throne of your enemies’ skulls
3 ...forever
4 army of undead
5 ...and impose your type of justice
6 ...and make others do the work for you

6 To Overindulge

1 ...with wenches
2 drink
3 rampant thievery
4 forbidden rituals
5 bloodshed
6 tavern brawls

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Re:Dragonslayer Playset
« Risposta #1 il: 2011-06-08 12:58:29 »
 1 In the Town
 1 Buxom Wench Inn & Tavern
 2 Lord Trammel’s Keep
 3 Temple of Peace
 4 Secret headquarters of the Split Penny thieves’ guild
 5 Market Square
 6 Forge of Tzory, the blacksmith
 2 On the Outskirts
1 Tower of Flixnord the wizard
 2 The troll’s bridge
 3 Boggy Barrow
 4 The crossroads
 5 Abandoned farmstead
 6 Magic gate to the dungeon
 3 In the Wild

 1 Witch’s hut
 2 Faerie circle
 3 Wood elf camp
 4 Ogres’ den
 5 Cave of Visions
 6 Hekrabar, the mad druid’s grove
 4 Dungeon—Upper Level
1 Tunnel entrance
 2 Orc den
 3 Slave pens
 4 Altar to dark gods
 5 Refuse pit
 6 Secret room
 5 Dungeon—Lower Level

 1 Pool of Souls
 2 Trapped corridor
 3 Hall of illusions
 4 Arcane library
 5 Maze of caverns
 6 Dragon’s lair
 6 From the Past

 1 Small village (now a burnt ruin)
 2 Military academy (massacred in a major war
 3 Wizard mentor’s cottage (looted after his death)
 4 Cave holding hidden treasure (if you still have the map)
 5 Your first dungeon (now collapsed and full of corpses)
 6 Town where people called you heroes (until you got them killed)
 1 Weapons
1 Flaming sword (sword of cataclysmic combustion)
 2 Poisoned dagger (dirk of vicious viper’s venom)
 3 Big-ass iron warhammer
 4 Ancient elven bow
 5 Dragonbane blade (broadsword of scaly slaughter)
 6 Catapult
 2 More Weapons
1 Soul-stealing scepter (scepter of severed souls)
 2 Sentient spear (longspear of wise council, or Arthur)
 3 Cursed blade (cutlass of cruel calamity)
 4 Seeking arrow (arrow of absolutely accurate archery)
 5 Betrayer’s axe (greataxe of pliant perfidy)
 6 Staff of resurrection with one charge left
 3 Spells
1 Enchanting Charm
 2 Transformative Polymorph
 3 Spectral Ward
 4 Demonic Summoning
 5 Trapping Paralysis
 6 Exploding Lightning
 4 Magic Items
1 Invisibility cloak
 2 Crystal ball of future sight
 3 Crown of fearlessness
 4 Mystery potion (nobody knows what it does)
 5 Impervious chain shirt
 6 Pocket magic doorway
 5 Trophies
1 Mounted troll’s head
 2 Genie bottle
 3 Dragon’s flame sac
 4 Tome of dark rituals
 5 Gold ring on a mummy’s severed finger
 6 Massive pile of gold coins
 6 Sentimental

 1 Strange charm left with a foundlng (maybe one of the characters)
 2 Invitation to a prestigious order
 3 Statue of a deity (with a hidden compartment)
 4 Old ally polymorphed into a toad
 5 Cask of 800-year-old dwarven booze
 6 Royal lady’s garter

E ora fuoco alle polveri!!
P.S. La parte sopra me la trasforma automaticamente in bold non so perchè O_o
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Re:Dragonslayer Playset
« Risposta #2 il: 2011-06-08 13:13:41 »
Non vorrei far calare il vostro entusiasmo ma...è già qui:
I've got crunch for breakfast! - Screaming Cats, Games That Make You Scream

Re:Dragonslayer Playset
« Risposta #3 il: 2011-06-08 13:16:54 »
Non vorrei far calare il vostro entusiasmo ma...è già qui:

Spione :P

Ti stavo per dire che Paolo nel topic già aperto aveva già postato la versione tradotta di Janus

Per il grassetto, succede perché smf tiene in memoria la formattazione dell'ultima riga, se le riselezioni e riclicchi su "B" dovrebbe tornare normale. In alternativa scrivere prima tutto normale, mettere poi dopo i singoli grassetti

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Re:Dragonslayer Playset
« Risposta #4 il: 2011-06-08 13:21:32 »
 :-\ Mannaggia a me che non guardo mai i link^^ l'aavevo fatto per la fruibilità delle tabelle, ma se già c'è siamo a cavalli, sempre grandi i Jani!!
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