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[CnV][inglese] esempio di "sopracciglio"
« il: 2009-03-16 06:15:38 »
Tratto da questo thread su the Forge, ma no  occorre che ve lo leggiate, tutto, è solo un esempio fatto da Vincent Baker come risposta ad una domanda sbucata fuori a pagina 2:

Quote from: Melinglor on March 11, 2009, 07:50:34 pm
You know this thing: "the thing to observe in play isn't what the group's doing, but instead who's dissatisfied with what the group's doing. The player who frowns and uses withdrawing body language in response to someone else's Raise, or who's like "that's weak" when someone reaches for dice--that's the player whose lead to follow."

What's that look like? Follow the lead how? What should I do to "press the group to live up to" that standard?

Just keep the person who's talking, talking.

Player 1: I punch him in the eye! I'm going to roll my "daddy never loved me" trait.
Player 2: [frowns, withdrawing body language, fiddles with his pencil]
GM: I don't follow. Daddy never loved you, so...
Player 1: Oh! Uh... right, no. I guess I'm not rolling that trait.

Player 1: I'm like [punching repeatedly] "God - says - love - your - children - you - bastard!"
GM: [watches player 2]
Player 2: [lightbulb, leans forward, engaged]

Make sense? The most important thing is, the person who's falling short doesn't lose anything. She still gets to make her raise, and if bringing the trait into it really does make sense to her, she'll be able to communicate why, given the prompting and the second chance.

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