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[MH] Second Skins test
« il: 2013-08-28 09:02:41 »
Some days ago, I played Monsterhearts with Simone, Mauro, Alberto and Talisa.
We decided to play with all new Skins:

Simone = MC
I = Chuckoo
Talisa = Wyrm
Mauro = Sasquatch
Alberto = Unicorn

It was amazing, I like all characters and I can say that The Chuckoo is evil... pure evil...
I'm not sure  we'll be able to continue with a season, but I would like to continue. We wrote some posts on Google+, so take a look if you missed the discussion.

Me: Hi! I'm Jaime Nightstar and I'm 17. Cool name don't you think?
I live in Durham UK, that little town too far from London and Edimburgh at the same time. Yay me! u.u
I'm a middle child, my big brother Adam is 21 and obviously he's handsome, smart, etc...
Dylan my little brother is a crazy reckless, he's 15.
All my life (until now) I have always had Adam's old clothes and stuff, but not for a long time, because Dylan isn't very young than me and I have to share everything with him.
I did some bad thing with my magic, I tried to be Adam, but we're too much different.

When Bjorn (Sasquatch) asked me to take his clothes, I was curious, I could lived his life for a while and I can say that Bjorn has a sad and boring life.
Bjorn was worried about someone who's spying him, I think he's a bit paranoid, but next time I won't tell this to Dylan, he can't take a secret... secret.

This year we have two new classmates and I can't stand both of them.

Helektra (Wyrm) looks like an antiques dealer when she talks to you. I'm a cheap teapot, because Helektra said that I should stop to pretend to be someone else (she don't know about my powers), because I'll never be something more than a useless person. Sweet, don't you think? ;)

Andy (Unicorn) has arrived just in time to begin school, I don't know why, but Bjorn loves him. Maybe it's because Andy is handsome, smart, etc... like my brother Adam, or maybe because he's strange with some magic powers, I don't know and guess what? I hate him.

Ending: my life sucks, and my only "friend" now has a boyfriend (he's gay and I didn't know!).
I should change clothes, maybe Andy's life fits me better than mine, certainly I know Bjorn better than him and perhaps better than Bjorn too.

Mauro: "Helektra said that I should stop to pretend to be someone else [...], because I'll never be something more than a useless person"; ok, somehow I missed this XD

I, Bjorn, am shy and usually don't get to be noticed. Bullies aside, that is. This year I finally got noticed, and in addition this new guy, Andy, kissed me and shared my feelings. Now I'm afraid (= sure) this could mean more bullying, but in the meanwhile I don't want to lose him.

Also Helektra noticed me, I don't know why; I barely spoke to her,* and all this attention all of a sudden... I'm trying to understand how to relate with it, I'm not used to be in the spotlight (little maybe, spotlight nevertheless).

I don't really know what to think about Jamie: he accepted to help me, then called my name with his brother and this lead the whole school to know it, then resented when I feared he was asking about me and Andy just to tease me again.

+Jackson Tegu could be interested in this.

* I think we decided why she noticed me, but not how I know that; am I right,+Talisa Tavella, or am I forgotting something? I can't recall the moment I caught your eye...

Me: Because you're more than human.

Mauro: Yeah, I was wondering if there was a specific moment he noticed me, since the Skin speak about that; if not it's not a problem, it's just to be sure I'm not forgetting something.

Alberto: Hey there, I'm Andy.

I've come into this world just a few weeks ago, because they need me. I know they need me, but I don't know what for. I know I need to save them, but I don't know what from. I'm a Unicorn, the last Unicorn, but I look as a boy, and I don't really know what to do. In the meantime, I try to be one of the good ones, and helping those who deserve it... but it's so difficult to understand.
And then there's Bjorn. He says he loves me, and I like him too, and he's so shy, and I'd like to protect him, but he also makes me feel good and strong and more confident. And we Kissed!!!
The day after, though, he acted as if he didn't want the others to know about us, and that hurt me, and made me very angry. He knows how bad bullies are! why does he behave the same way? And to make it even worse, Helektra told me that it was me being too pushy, that I should understand him a bit, and give him time... and... well, I guess she's right. I didn't want to be unfair to him... it's just... Agh, it's so difficult!

Also... there's those things. I don't know what they are, but they know me. I see them in the corner of my eyes, in the shadows and recesses, I feel them slimy and squirming under my feet.
And now one's come out in the daylight, and killed a classmate of mine to wear his skin. I chased him away, but... what are those? and What will happen next time?!

Me: First day at school. I enter in the classroom and... there is Andy nearly ON Bjorn. Oh please, take a room!
Bjorn is so embarrassed and nervous. Damn. #facepalm
I understand very well why Bjorn is afraid, but Andy don't understand, sure, I think he's never been bullied.
When we're going to gym class I take Bjorn's arm and I ask him what's appening.
He doesn't want to talk to me, I see he doesn't trust me.
"I know you Bjorn, I have been you! If you want to stay alone, ok, but next time I'm not sure that I'll be here to help you."
I'm close, I have his smell on me and my hand is warm on his chick.
"However be careful." (12 of turn someone on! Yay!)

Gym class. We'll play basketball, we're making two teams and Eric (classmate) say "Oh no, may I choose the blind guy?" (subtitle: instead of Bjorn)
I say "Fuck you Eric!" (8 on Shut someone down, I give him the condition "Dickhead", he gives me "Target")
Andy begins to say something "Bla bla bla, Eric is bad because he hates gay people, bla bla bla, I'm a good guy and I love Bjorn..."
However we hear a scream, I yell to the professor "Come on! Go to see what's happening in changing rooms!"
After I run to the physics laboratory, I sit down and begin to ticking with a finger on my knee, the rhythm is ipnotic. (3 gaze into the abyss)
Eric and another idiot enters the room and I think "S**t!"

Mauro: Having all these people caring for me is overwhelming, I'm not used to it...

Andy, I hate you, sincerely Jaime
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Re:[MH] Second Skins test
« Risposta #1 il: 2013-08-28 10:40:38 »
Jaime Nightstar – The Chuckoo

Look: sleek, flirty eyes.
Origin: middle child.

HOT            2
COLD          1
DARK         -1

Sex Move
Once you've had sex with someone, add 1 to your rolls for passing as them. (List them here, and also add +1's to your outfit list.)

Darkest Self
Somebody is a hack at playing themselves in their own life. It grates on you. It's time for you, the understudy, to take that place in the spotlight; you portray them so much better than they do. It's time to take them out of the picture, using whatever means necessary. Replace them. You escape your Darkest Self when something they do surprises you, or someone shows a genuine care for them, or you succeed.

Chuckoo Moves (you always have “Feathers” and “Shredding the Looking Glass”, and you choose one more)

Your magic lets you pass as the person whose clothes you're wearing. When you're seen wearing someone else's clothes, but aren't yet passing, roll with hot. On a 10 up, you're passing as them - you'd fool their mother and their favorite hookup. Mark the outfit you're wearing below. • On a 7-9, same as above, but choose one:
- the magic will dissipate if you kiss or get kissed,
- the magic will dissipate if you lash out at anyone.
While you're passing as someone, give social Conditions you receive to them instead. This won't let you avoid physical Conditions, though.

Shredding the Looking Glass
When someone suspects you're not who you appear to be, read them this:
"If the enchantment were to be broken, the edges would be very sharp. You momentarily notice a gap in my magic. Choose one:
- tear my magic away
- my identity is revealed and the clothes are in tatters, but you get scratched up in the process and take 1 harm,
- or, shake your head to clear it - it was nothing."

Jumping Out Of Clocks
When you disrobe for someone, take 1 forward to rolling with volatile, and they choose:
- offer you an experience point to do what they want,
- trigger your Darkest Self.

Jaime's backstory

You've stolen an outfit from someone. Record it under "Outfits," and gain a String on that person.
I've stolen an outfit from Andy, I can't stand him, he seems perfect. Maybe I can take his perfect life.

Someone gave you an outfit so that you could impersonate them – discuss with them and decide why. Record it under "Outfits," and you each get a String on one another.
Bjorn gave me one outfit, because he wanted to know who's spying him at home.
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Re:[MH] Second Skins test
« Risposta #2 il: 2013-08-28 11:00:46 »
Bjorn Dirks - The Sasquatch

Look: awkward, wide eyes.
Origin: abandoned.

HOT            -1
COLD          -1
DARK         1

Sex Move
The person you have sex with smells like you afterward, and gains the Condition scented. If they face their peers before scrubbing it off, they mark experience.

Darkest Self
Snap. Now, right now, it's time to rain stones down upon the bullies and the excluders. It's time to wreck their precious stuff, to shove them back so hard that they'll never even dream of messing with you or anyone ever, ever again. You escape your Darkest Self when you hurt one of those people more than they've ever hurt anyone else... and more than you meant to.

Sasquatch Moves (you always have “Musk”, and you choose two more)

You have a distinct smell, unpleasant to some, intriguing to others. When you sweat in the presence of others, roll with volatile. On a 10 up, the MC gives you a String on someone there and they choose:
- compliment you,
- apologize to you,
- give themselves to you.
On a 7-9, the MC gives you a String on someone there, and that character gives you a Condition, delivered in the most appropriate way.

When someone else speaks first after a prolonged silence or to start a new conversation, roll with dark. On a 10 up, choose three of these questions for them to blurt the answers to, whether or not you actually ask. They answer honestly, regardless of who it hurts. • On a 7-9, as above, but choose only one of the questions:
- Who do you want to make out with?
- What don't you want me to find out?
- What do you intend to do?
- What do you wish I'd do?
- What are you scared of?
- What are you ashamed of?
- Do you like me?

When you run away, on a 10 up you may instead choose this result:
- you slip from view and remain there, invisible.
On a 7-9, add this option to the list:
- you disappear on the spot, causing wild confusion, and the witness who cares the most about you gets a String on you.

Bjorn's backstory

You've been a wallflower all your life, but someone finally noticed you. Give them a String
Helektra noticed me, because I'm more than human.

Someone makes fun of you. What do they say? They give you a Condition, and you gain 2 Strings on them.
Jaime told his brother I'm kind of a paranoic, then the brother told someone else, and now all the school knows.

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Re:[MH] Second Skins test
« Risposta #3 il: 2013-10-15 02:25:17 »
Hello, I've finally decided to write my AP as well :D

I am playing Helektra, the Wyrm.

It is not the simplest skin to play, I have to admit, but I'll come to this subtleties later.

I have chosen my origin as slept under a mountain. I have woken up a couple of months before the events because....well, I was getting bored. :P

We decided to set the game in Durham, so that the mountain has become the hill where the cathedral is built. The priests of the cathedral are my guardians. I disguise among the others in human form, as an exchange student.

More importantly, I collect tattoos. And reliquia of magical creatures, such as Unicorns' horns.

During the first session we have explored a bit our characters. For example, I knew to be interested in Andy because of his horn, and in Bjorn because I smelled his perfume (or body odor? Don't know....that was surely a peculiar smell) and I understood that he is not entirely human. On the other hand, I did not get on very well with Jaime, since he appeared to me just as a boy trying to copy other people's attitude.

In the first session the tested The Bargain. According to the skin, it has to a kind of standardized ritual: you have to recognize that it is happening from the elements and the action of the scene.
I didn't feel really inventing that evening, so I clumsily decided that my ceremonies started offering to the other party a bottle of cloud lemonade.

Andy and I exchanged a string: I gave him a string I was holding on Bjorn in exchange for a string on him: the two of them had argued and Andy felt frustrated because Bjorn was reluctant to show off their relationship; I told him that Bjorn has a quite different nature, and he has to respect his decisions and give him time to accept him in his life.

Before the session ended, I managed to scorn Jaime again, but at that time it seemed like that the story of our hate was already written.

While Andy and Bjorn are otherwise occupied, I decided to snick in Bjorn's room and have a look around: I still do not know what kind of creature he is exactly, I need more details. I am still standing outside and I notice a couple of very big footprints just underneath Bjorn's window. I gaze into the abyss (using my reptilian eyes) and I discover that that a gigantic creature has been standing outside. Since the result was 10+ (if I remember correctly) I ask how I can make Bjorn aware of this creatures; the MC replies that I need to be with him while he is sleeping so that I can wake him.

Ok, fair enough. I manipulate Bjorn's parents, pretending to be in the need of sleeping out; Bjorn invited me over, of course, but he probably forgot to mention them. Bjorn is somewhere else, of course, but I take advantage of the situation.

I test The Bait: the t-shirt I am wearing as pj does not cover my tattoos, and Bjorn's mother is fascinated. She asks me the story of them and what they mean. She is particularly interested in my family tree, tattooed on my right leg (in a fashion of a real tree: the names of my relatives are runes among the leaves): she thinks Bjorn might like it.

Afterwards I hear noises in Bjorn's room. I get in and there is a loosy t-shirt on the bed: it was not there before. The creature is now there, I can perceived it and I need to hold steady. I try to keep calm and fold the t-shirt, in order to demonstrate that I am not there for hurting Bjorn. The gigantic invisible gorilla (!!!) leaves the room.

I call Bjorn to tell him about the invisible creature. He is obviously surprised because I am sleeping at his place, so I tried to lie. And I miserably fail, of course.

I so made my way to Jaime's house, where everyone seems to be that night....

While making my way to Jaime's house, walking on the riverbanks, I find Andy fighting with shadows. I gaze into the abyss (10+) and I discover that they are dead unicorns. My only way to help him is to distract the shadows, so that his horn can repel the shadows. I call upon him, getting also the attention of some of the dead. One of the shadows tries to catch me, recognizing me. In the meanwhile, enters Bjorn, who gets all Andy's attention, so that no one is going to save me from the angry unicorn ghost....great. I decide it's time to use the badass move ever: Scales. I change into a black dragon, with green eyes, and I burn the shadows around me for a while.

I turn again into human form, naked, among the burning trees. I suddenly see Andy, lying on the ground. But...wait: I was sure I saw Andy running away with Bjorn. As soon as I realized this, the cuckoo's spell is broken: the clothes he is wearing becomes sort of glassy, and they break into pieces which scatter around, one of them cuts my cheek. As a result, we are both naked, in the forest, among burning trees (with a unicorn watching us, but we ignore him for now). We both roll for turn the other on....and, guess what?, it works.

Jaime wants to help the unicorn, so we head to my cave under the cathedral. We have another Bargaining Ceremony, during which I give back the unicorn his horn, and I gain a string on him. Then, another one with Jaime: I have tattooed him. He has seen the tattoo on me; I decided to give it to him.

Collection: during the first session I have realized how pivotal is to choose the right kind of collection for the wyrm. If you decide for something that it is not plausible to have always with you or can in no way interest teenagers, is not going to work. Medieval artifacts could seem appealing, but your classmates wouldn't be interested in getting a piece of your collection. I have decided for tattoos because: a) they appeal to young people; b)they are pretty easy to carry around; c) they offer many good possibilities when you need to....turn someone on.

Relationships: the Wyrm needs to establish relationship with the other PG. During the second session I have noticed how badly the character worked while isolated from the others (the basic moves, for example, involve the active participation of others....which means you are not going to do that much if you decide to explore alone the ocean at the end of the lane)

Bargaining ceremony: i think that the wyrm is designed to be one of the most cynic skins of the game. At least, this is how I meant Helektra to be. Despite this, the bargaining ceremony with Jaime has been one of the most intimate scenes I have ever played. I think it is partly due to the fact that it involved tattooing someone, and partly on other factors that I am too lazy and tired to explore :P

Sorry for being so confused, but I had no time to write a consistent and systematic AP.