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Titolo: [Il Silenzio dei minotauri] Alcune domande a Paul Czege
Inserito da: Daniele Di Rubbo - 2019-01-11 18:27:28
A quanto pare, questo è il primo post di actual play su Il Silenzio dei minotauri (Paul Czege, 2014). Siccome stiamo giocando il gioco su “Giù lo Schermo” (, per forza di cose, sono venute fuori alcune domande che, complice la tutto sommato prossima chiusura di Google+, abbiamo deciso di fargli su Twitter (

Riporto qui sotto le domande e le risposte, di modo che possano essere utili anche ad altri appassionati.

* * *

Domanda 1: We usually play very long scenes: at least 20 minutes each. We mostly have scenes with only one minotaur inside, usually interacting with the NPCs. If an inflection comes, we use the Krater according to the rules.

Would you say that we should play shorter scenes?

Risposta 1: If you’ve got four players, that’s a long time to wait for your scene. But it may not be a problem if players are emotionally hooked on each other’s storylines. If I were going to have scenes that long, I’d make sure there was lots of crossing of NPCs between the scenes.

When an NPC from your storyline shows up in another minotaur’s storyline working some agenda you didn’t know about, that’s pretty engaging. If I were the GM, I’d be doing it a lot.

I would also be putting the player minotaurs into each other’s storylines. It can be as easy as an employer sending a minotaur on a special task.

Domanda 2: The scenes of one of the minotaurs tend to have a lot of free play and only rarely inflections. We still think they are meaningful, even if little if none of the rules come into play (with the exception of the minotaur following the Silence).

Would you say this scenes are OK?

Risposta 2: That’s absolutely how I do it. Lots of free play, and only use the Krater mechanics when it’s clear there’s an inflection. Don’t force it. Play at a natural pace.

Domanda 3: When the minotaurs are in the jungle, should they be brought to feel a sense of discomfort and threat? How do you usually play these scenes in the role of the GM?

Riposta 3: I think I play the jungle as slightly more threatening than the Dégringolade, but not much. Stuff happens in the Dégringolade that’s pretty threatening too. Once two bounty hunters violently raided a romantic brothel looking for a woman who’d left her husband and was hiding there.

Mostly I play the jungle as just regularly more surreal and with strange creatures. Exploding insects. Entities like the one that tells Eshmoteth about the chimera and the gargoyle. Though again, I’ll put surreal creatures in the Dégringolade too.

I once had a free health clinic run by an intelligent sheep. Her name was Vayperphai.

And I play the jungle as very permeable with the Dégringolade. When player minotaurs are in the jungle they sometimes run into characters from the Dégringolade. The storylines of some NPCs will span activities from both the Dégringolade and the jungle. Though their activities in the jungle are often a little more surreal or desperate.

The jungle is definitely threatening sometimes. I’m just saying the Dégringolade can be threatening too.
Titolo: Re:[Il Silenzio dei minotauri] Alcune domande a Paul Czege
Inserito da: Moreno Roncucci - 2019-01-11 20:01:53
Fan mail, e aggiunto all'indice dei thread importanti (che ho intenzione di tornare a tenere aggiornato...)
Titolo: Re:[Il Silenzio dei minotauri] Alcune domande a Paul Czege
Inserito da: Daniele Di Rubbo - 2019-02-07 10:12:14
Andando avanti a giocare, sono emerse altre domande. Anche qui abbiamo chiesto a Paul, che ci ha risposto.

* * *

Domanda 4: During the last session, we had a violent conflict between player minotaurs (p. 84). Can the winning player minotaur decree the death of the other one as the outcome for the conflict, or have we to find a reason why this can’t happen in the fiction?

Risposta 4: That’s a good question. On one hand, I think if a player goes into a conflict with another player minotaur knowing the mechanics determine the outcome purely by archetype, then all possible consequences are available. However, I also think “decree” is a strong word.

Inflections are roleplayed out, not decreed, and this should be too. So maybe a player minotaur says, “I’m holding his head under water until he stops moving,” and then maybe the losing minotaur is dead from that and maybe he’s not. Death only comes from the Krater when a minotaur has previously risked and lost a life token. If the losing minotaur in this situation has done that, and is currently without a life token, then as gamemaster I might more likely think he’s dead. But if not, then I can’t imagine many roleplayed situations that wouldn’t leave some room for him to not actually be dead if the losing player doesn’t want to be dead.

Domanda 5: While my minotaur was trying to escape to the jungle, he came back to rescue the body of another minotaur mortally wounded by the sword. This is one action but it could count against silence for both “do not want” and “do not express your emotions.” Have I to lose two tokens?

Risposta 5: I don’t think I’d ever count one action for a loss of two tokens. I’ve taken two tokens in quick succession, but I’d never take two for one action.
Titolo: Re:[Il Silenzio dei minotauri] Alcune domande a Paul Czege
Inserito da: Daniele Di Rubbo - 2019-03-09 07:52:25
Domanda 6: My minotaur is a true rebel: he can barely keep his silence for a bunch of scenes; therefore, I’m always in the jungle. The question is: while a minotaur is in the jungle, can he loose silence for breaking the code? Our guess is “no”, but we are asking you just to be sure.

Risposta 6: There’s a point in the text that says minotaurs believe silence helps them “live well among men.” I think in the jungle I’d only take silence tokens if the minotaurs were interacting with men of the Dégringolade and in a situation that extended from it into the jungle.

Domanda 7: Simone, our gamemaster, was wondering how NPCs deaths are handled through inflections. I mean: it seems nothing in the mechanics is determining the fate of the PNCs in term of “should they live or die?” Therefore, how do you handle PNCs deaths during the inflections?

Risposta 7: The Krater never has anything to say about NPC deaths, so whatever you roleplay out is what happens. Though, as gamemaster I would never allow an NPC minotaur to die, if removing him would harm the story.

And, also, one of my principles when I run the game is “death that’s not death.” So I sometimes have versions of NPCs from parallel realities, or from the past or future, or returned from the dead in mysterious ways.