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[Polaris] Alcune domande a Ben Lehman


Daniele Di Rubbo:
Come ho già fatto con Il Silenzio dei minotauri, chiedendo a Paul Czege, sto recentemente facendo delle domande anche a Ben Lehman (che ora, ha preso il nome d’arte di P. H. Lee) su Polaris. Ve le condivido qui sotto.

There is a quarrel between me and some friends of mine. They argue the names of the stars are univocal – that is there can be just one member of the People with the name of a star at a given time –, instead, I argue the names of the stars are like the names of the saints in the Christian countries: people simply name their child after them. Which version is correct?

You can play it either way. I would go with your group’s feeling. If you’re going to have multiple characters with the same name you’ll want to give them epithets like “major” and “minor.”

I know this could be a little pedantic… I mean: to try to comprehend the geography of a fantasy setting. Anyway, I’ve always imagined the Sun coming from the south and Polaris being at the utmost north of the world. Still, the rulebook says: “As winter comes, the stars return to the sky and, if you did not move or speak or look to the north, you might believe for a moment that the Mistake had never happened at all” (page 25). So, the Mistake comes from the north, not from the south?

The city of Polaris spanned the North Pole. The Mistake happened at the center of the city – at the north pole proper. The remnants are thus all south of the Mistake.

Note that while the sun came into the world at the same time as the Mistake, the sun and the Mistake are not the same thing. The sun rises in the south like you would expect at the north pole in summer.

Daniele Di Rubbo:
You are supposed to roll for Experience when you fail a roll or when:

--- Citazione da: “Polaris”, page 82 ---The protagonist acts in some way that is indicative of sympathy for a demon or the demons as a whole, hatred of a person or the people as a whole, apathy, callousness, cynicism, doubt, or despair.

--- Termina citazione ---


--- Citazione da: “Polaris”, page 82 ---You can roll Experience right when you see it, or you can wait until the end of the scene to roll for it. If you do the second, make sure to count each separate instance of Experience — it is possible to get a great amount of Experience from a single scene.

--- Termina citazione ---

My question is: do you have to roll once, for every single action which brings to Experience, or you have to roll several times, for every category of Experience your action falls under?

Example: My knight speaks to their beloved with icy worlds of contempt. Do I have to roll once, for the action as a whole (my cruel speech), or do I have to roll twice (for hatred of a person and callousness)?

My guess I have to roll once for the whole action, but I have friends who play it the other way.

I’ve always played “roll twice” but it’s up to your Mistaken.


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