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A quanto pare, questo è il primo post di actual play su Il Silenzio dei minotauri (Paul Czege, 2014). Siccome stiamo giocando il gioco su “Giù lo Schermo”, per forza di cose, sono venute fuori alcune domande che, complice la tutto sommato prossima chiusura di Google+, abbiamo deciso di fargli su Twitter.

Riporto qui sotto le domande e le risposte, di modo che possano essere utili anche ad altri appassionati.

* * *

Domanda 1: We usually play very long scenes: at least 20 minutes each. We mostly have scenes with only one minotaur inside, usually interacting with the NPCs. If an inflection comes, we use the Krater according to the rules.

Would you say that we should play shorter scenes?

Risposta 1: If you’ve got four players, that’s a long time to wait for your scene. But it may not be a problem if players are emotionally hooked on each other’s storylines. If I were going to have scenes that long, I’d make sure there was lots of crossing of NPCs between the scenes.

When an NPC from your storyline shows up in another minotaur’s storyline working some agenda you didn’t know about, that’s pretty engaging. If I were the GM, I’d be doing it a lot.

I would also be putting the player minotaurs into each other’s storylines. It can be as easy as an employer sending a minotaur on a special task.

Domanda 2: The scenes of one of the minotaurs tend to have a lot of free play and only rarely inflections. We still think they are meaningful, even if little if none of the rules come into play (with the exception of the minotaur following the Silence).

Would you say this scenes are OK?

Risposta 2: That’s absolutely how I do it. Lots of free play, and only use the Krater mechanics when it’s clear there’s an inflection. Don’t force it. Play at a natural pace.

Domanda 3: When the minotaurs are in the jungle, should they be brought to feel a sense of discomfort and threat? How do you usually play these scenes in the role of the GM?

Riposta 3: I think I play the jungle as slightly more threatening than the Dégringolade, but not much. Stuff happens in the Dégringolade that’s pretty threatening too. Once two bounty hunters violently raided a romantic brothel looking for a woman who’d left her husband and was hiding there.

Mostly I play the jungle as just regularly more surreal and with strange creatures. Exploding insects. Entities like the one that tells Eshmoteth about the chimera and the gargoyle. Though again, I’ll put surreal creatures in the Dégringolade too.

I once had a free health clinic run by an intelligent sheep. Her name was Vayperphai.

And I play the jungle as very permeable with the Dégringolade. When player minotaurs are in the jungle they sometimes run into characters from the Dégringolade. The storylines of some NPCs will span activities from both the Dégringolade and the jungle. Though their activities in the jungle are often a little more surreal or desperate.

The jungle is definitely threatening sometimes. I’m just saying the Dégringolade can be threatening too.

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