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Citazione da: Federico Totti
You may play this after a scene which included an injured and/or dead person, without a clear explanation for how the injury/death happened.

Being this a bladant violation of the creeping horror, unless the cards A HOSTILE GROUP (from Part 1), INHUMAN CREATURE (from Part 2), A BIZZARERIE (from Part 2), REPRISALS (from Part 1), are already on the table, am I supposed to hold the card until another card allows me to play the VICTIMS?

Citazione da: Joshua Fox
It isn't against the Creeping Horror rule to introduce injured or dead people, as long as it is not obvious they were injured/died as a result of violence.

So, ex:
- You cannot introduce a person lying on the ground pierced by a sword, because it will be almost unbelievable that they weren't pierced by some sword-wielding person.
- The exact same situation would be perfectly fine if instead they were pierced by the spikes of an iron fence, next to a tall tree they could have fallen out of.

The above example doesn't help with the rule, because in the second example there's a clear explanation (even if it might later turn out to be wrong). But hopefully it illustrates the point that you can introduce injury, death without violating creeping horror.

The sort of situation I'd envisage for this card are deaths or injuries that aren't clearly the result of violence, but which don't have an obvious mundane explanation either, such as:
- Victim found drowned, but nowhere near a river.
- Someone is found dead, bleeding from their ears. No apparent wounds or sickness.
- A character is hospitalised with severe burns. When questioned they say they have no idea what happened - they were walking along a dark lane and felt severe, stabbing pains which intensified to the point that they blacked out.

Citazione da: Daniele Di Rubbo
Therefore, if my understanding is correct, the Creeping Horror rule does not forbid the show of injuring, but only the show of injuring which clearly is the result of violence coming from a human being… or just a being.

Am I right?

Citazione da: Joshua Fox
Yes - violence by anyone (human, animal, monster) or direct evidence thereof is what's forbidden.

Citazione da: Daniele Di Rubbo
But only against a person, I guess.

Let me explain myself better: I have some actual play here. I was playing with my friend Michele and he played the “Specimen” Special Card after a scene during which he included some part of some strange creature between the teeth of a dog which clearly bit it.

Does this kind of violence break the Creeping Horror rule in the same way of violence against human beings?

Citazione da: Joshua Fox
The rule is specific to human victims, yes. (As is the card, though if we'd thought of it we might have made the card not specific to humans... seems appropriate.)

Citazione da: Federico Totti
I see the ban is on violence (on humans) only, thanks for your promptly reply :)

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